The Pandemic Method-FAQs

What is included in The Pandemic Method and how do I access it?

You will be given access to the closed Facebook group where our daily workouts and daily mobility workouts will be posted.

Included in The Pandemic Method is a nutrition template, nutrition guidence, recipe book, and of course the opportunity to ask advice and be coached by our team. 

A weekly live Q&A session will be hosted inside the group with one of/a number of our coaches. We will put out a question box for questions every TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY, and THURSDAY. You can also ask questions live in the comment box. 

Being apart of this awesome community!

Do I need to adjust anything for my 12-month or rolling membership?

No, we will make the necessary adjustments to your payments. 

Do I need equipment for the workouts?

All of the home workouts have a bodyweight/household item option, as well as a weighted option which can be done with; dumbbells, kettlebells and plates. 

How long are the workouts?

Each workout is 45-70 minutes long. You can split them up throughout the day or complete them in one go. The choice is yours! 

Can beginners do the workouts?

Yes absolutely! We program the workouts for all fitness levels and give regressions on movements as necessary. We’ve got you covered!

How do I stay motivated?

Not only are you joining the fastest growing fitness community in the region, but we will keep you motivated by sharing our gyms Spotify playlist and answering any concerns or questions you may have through our live Q&As and direct messages from our coaches.

What happens if we reopen on the 9th April?

We will charge you the difference of your normal membership price and the 500AED Pandemic Method, however your class credits will be given from the open date. For example, if you are on a 16 class membership, you will get 16 classes on the 9th of April.