How was your first gym visit?

I find it fascinating how people enter the doors of our gym. Some people come with friends (majority), some completely on their own, some with their husbands and wives, their kids, literally every variation you can think of.

It’s awesome.

Everyones journey starts differently. And that is what I find so fascinating. We all visit this 1 location, anywhere from 2-6 x a week, throw down together, sweat together, basically go full badass together, yet we all got here through different channels.

It’s not like school where you are either forced to go, or are granted a scholarship for. This is a place you have chosen to come. Along with like-minded people wanting to better themselves.

Everyone starts their health & fitness journey’s off differently, and for different reasons. But at the end of the day we are all on that path to better ourselves.

Don’t feel threatened by entering a fitness community. It’s the best journey you’ll ever start!

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