Personal Training

Exclusive and personalized coaching.

Level 3 personal trainer 

Youth Strength & Conditioning Specialist 

Favorite food: Seafood

Favorite exercise: Push press/strict press

Most hated exercise: Devil press

Favourite music: Dubstep/rave-cave tunes

Level 3 personal trainer 

Group training and female training

Favorite food: Pizza

Favorite exercise: Deadlifts & Burpees

Most hated exercise: Squats

Favourite music: Playlist jumper (a bit of everything)

Level 3 personal trainer 

Strength & biomechanics specialist

Favorite food: Fillet steak

Favorite exercise: Any squat

Most hated exercise: Anything chesty

Favourite music: Tech house

This is our most exclusive service that we offer. Work 1-on-1 with one of highly qualified and experienced trainers to ensure you can become the best version of yourself. Each session is 1 hour long, and conducted in our private personal training studio separate to the class area. Have a look at our trainer profiles to get to know them better!

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