Membership Terms & Conditions:

  1. This membership is all about you.  It’s yours and only yours.
  2. You must check-in at the front desk before entry to the gym is permitted.
  3. You must be 16 to have a gym membership.  If you’re lucky, we may ask you to prove this.
  4. If you have selected any of the 12-month memberships, you are entering into a contract.  You do have the right to cancel with 60 days’ notice.  If you have selected any of the rolling memberships, you have the right to cancel with 30 days’ notice.  Notice must be given before the start of your membership cycle date.  The 30/60 days will start from the respective membership cycle date.
  5. Classes pack memberships have a 30 day expiry.  
  6. Cancellations for sessions must be made within 12-hours of the session commencing, otherwise a session will be automatically taken from your membership.
  7. Freezing of any memberships is not permitted.
  8. This gym membership agreement entitles the member access to BHTH FITNESS LLC ‘The Den DXB’ so long as all dues are current.  Hours and specific location are as follows:
  • Sunday – Thursday: 05.00 – 21.00
  • Friday – 07.00 – 12.30
  • Saturday – 08.00 – 15.00


Location:  Unit Number 12, Dubai Autodrome Retail Plaza, Motor City, Dubai, U.A.E.


9.   Open gym hours will be per the schedule.  Members will only be permitted to open gym hours at the designated times.


10.  This gym membership serves as a liability release, pursuant to which the member agrees to indemnify and hold BHTN FITNESS LLC harmless against any and all claims of loss or damage. 


11. The member attests that they are fully able to participate in an exercise regimen of their design or choosing without undue risk.  The member agrees to complete our Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire before undertaking exercise in the BHTH FITNESS LLC ‘The Den DXB’.


12. You as the purchaser hereby indicates the desire to become a member of BHTH FITNESS LLC ‘The Den DXB’, pursuant to the terms & conditions of this gym agreement.


13. BHTH ‘The Den’ may terminate your membership at any time for breach of the terms & conditions or generally undesirable behavior as determined by the gym management. 

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