Our program at The Den is designed to get you fitter and stronger, fact. By utilizing a more structured program delivered by expert coaches, The Den bridges the gap between generic group classes and a REAL training experience.

The Den has created a culture to encourage hard work, empowerment and life changing results.


Our LIFTING classes are the time to work on building strength and lean muscle. With the use of various strength equipment; dumbbells, kettlebells and barbells etc., we program these classes to develop strength in all compound lifts. Across a 12-week training block we will shift the focus between strength and hypertrophy work to cover all bases.


POWER is a conditioning only class. The class involves constantly varied movements and stimulus within the sessions hitting both longer more enduring work, and high intensity based interval work. By using a  combination of strength equipment and cardio machines, it really is a spicy workout to say the least.


ENGINE is another of our conditioning only class, however focussing primarily on lower-impact movements. Using the rower, ski-erg, bike-erg and air bike paired with low impact bodyweight movements, the class is designed to develop  your cardiovascular system (your engine).


THROWDOWN is the Friday workout you all want and need. Team work, sweaty, high heart rate and something kick you in the right direction before heading to brunch, or spending the weekend on the couch…either suits. Notoriously recognized as the toughest workout in the schedule, the programming is designed to test out how you are developing in the strength and fitness aspects from the other classes.

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